width=280If you want to be a part of this powerful bandwagon, embrace the world of media and communication. Television, newspapers and magazines, radio, publishing, new media like the internet require experts and that could well be you! Pursue a graduate course in the field of media and communication to enjoy th whirlwind of power that will give you an opportunity to reach out to millions.

Media studies emerged as part of the study of social sciences and graduate courses in media and communication in some of world's top universities are in high demand. Students from diverse backgrounds from all over the world pursue graduate studies in this field because of the immense opportunities it has to offer.

Professionally, a graduate course in media and communication is literally the gateway to high-level employment. Broadcasting, radio, journalism, advertising, new media industries, political marketing, market research, regulation and policy, media management and research in public and private sectors are only a few areas a media graduate can explore. In journalism, a graduate course can not only help you to be an expert reporter and correspondent, but also prepares you to master subbing copies, designing pages, etc. It enhances your possibilities of becoming an expert editor. Similarly, a broadcast degree will equip you to be updated with latest in technology as well as understand the creative aspect of production. Similarly employability chances in public relations, advertising increase with a graduate degree in communication. 

After working for seven years as a reporter and copy editor in India for various media organizations including The Times of India, Shraddha Kamdar is now working towards her graduate studies at one of the world's best media schools Columbia University. Shraddha says, Columbia is an Ivy League graduate school and is ranked one of the top in the world. The Masters in Communication will help me to develop a research bent of mind, which otherwise I wouldn't have achieved. Ideal for further pursuing a Ph.D program.

Columbia University offers two Masters degrees and a PhD in Communications. The programs involve teaching future leaders in journalism various complicated subjects that they might encounter in their professional careers. Columbia offers specializations in the following areas: politics, art and culture, business and economics, and science. With increasing emphasis on niche knowledge, as a media professional it is imperative to become the expert in the beat that you cover.

Connie St. Louis, a BBC Radio 4 journalist and graduate faculty at the journalism school of City University, London says, A graduate course is always a progression, especially in media. Also, it's a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing media scenario and shifting technology. A graduate program helps you to be updated and is essential, whether you are a fresh entrant into the industry or someone who has years of work experience. City University is renowned for its graduate employability.

Echoing her thoughts, Xiaxun Lei, 28, a Beijing based sports journalist with China Daily, is currently pursuing a graduate course at which university? at City University. He adds, Further studies always put you at a distinct edge. It broadens your horizon, both professionally and academically.
The London School of Economics also offers a graduate course that's unique and one-of-a-kind. Based in the Department of Media and Communications, this two-year Masters program involves an MSc from LSE and an MA either from the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, or the School of Journalism, Fudan University, Shanghai. Graduates of the LSE program are armed with knowledge aiding them to examine processes of globalization in relation to organization, production, consumption and representation in media and communications.

UK has a host of reputed communication schools offering quality graduate education.
The better known communication and media schools in the UK include names like University of Westminster, Cardiff University, Goldsmiths (University of London), University of Leeds and several others.

In lieu with the dynamic and evolving media landscape, the department of media and communication at the University of Leicester has a structured MA in New Media and Society. The course examines the influence of the internet and other new media and also considers its relationship with the mature media such as print and broadcasting and the shifting of balance of the two. The course is a stepping stone for Ph. D study.

Media and communication is an emerging sector of study worldwide. In Australia, the famed Monash University also offers the Graduate Communication and Media Studies program.

So if you're looking at a future in media and communication, be sure to do a graduate course in the field to be fully prepared before you embark upon a professional career or doctoral degree.