By Major Ajay

13th week Year 2008 represents figure thirteen (13). This figure represents Rahu as per astrology, Rahu is known for north nod of moon or Dragon 's mouth.

Rahu is very famous for unexpected result in world future market. During this week During this week there are combinations of three planets Venus, Mercury and Rahu in Saturn's sign ( Kumbh rashi), Mars is being aspect by Jupiter. All these combinations and conjunctions of different planets favors bulls in world stock and commodity market. Down ward corrections seems to be over.

As per financial astrology now bulls may show their strength in stock, commodity market. Upward movement is expected to begin with Asian market followed by European and US stock markets. There fore investors are advise to invest in A grade stocks in metal, ifrastructure, ol and gs , telecommunications , automobile, FNGC, power. Heavy engineering, Apex financial institutions, with the view of 30 days investment. As per stars April 2008 is expected to be positive for Indian stock market, During this week a very important planet Mercury is departing from Rahu conjunctions and will make new conjunctions with Sun In Meen Rashi and Moon will make conjunctions with Rahu.

This combinations may bring bullish movement in Indian stock market. Bullions is also expected to bounce back in first half of the this week followed by Crude oil . Our advance predictions about heavy volatility in Indian stock market has proved correct greatest volatility was seen stock market . Nifty graph never show stability more then one hour during previous week . Bullions were also shown sudden bounce back from middle of the previous week.

Stock Market As per Astro technical calculations this week is expected to open positive movement. In world and Indian stock markets, this upward movement may be seen in European and US stock market also. Banking, Power, heavy engineering, Oil and gas, cement, Telecommunications, Pharma, infrastructure ,real state sector are looking attractive for investment for one month period.

As per Astro technical now nifty may show upward movement between 5100 to 5300/5500 levels in Indian stock market within 7 to 10 trading days . Remember I told all my readers in my previous news letter that uncertainity,confusions is till last week of march 2008. April 2008 may bring good hopes for investors and traders . However Investors may consider Nifty support levels 4783 for safe side .Remember this time relief rally may not continue very long time . Therefore timely profit booking is always advisable at every higher levels..

Important sector watch Banking, Infrastructure, Power, heavy engineering

Important stock watch Pfc, Power grid corp., SBI,, Videocon ind , Stc India

Investers may keep eyes on following stocks also with their levels

Buy Reliance Capital with stop loss 1300 target Rs 1450

Buy GMR Infrastructure L with stop loss 125 target Rs 185

Buy Reliance Inds. with stop loss Rs 2250 target Rs 2500

US stock market: DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE IN (DJI) was closed at 12216.40. levels. As per financial astrology this week may start with volatile trend in US stock market, expected support levels levels of Dow are 12000 and 11800 . Resistance for US stock market is expected at 12450 and 12510. Strong up ward movement in US Stock market is expected any time during this week .Banking, telecommunications, Pharma sectors may be on focus this week.

Nifty Level

Nifty Resistance levels (1) 5050 (2) 5190 (3)5350

Nifty support levels: (1) 4850 (2) 4800 (3) 4750

Investors may trade in Nifty according to these levels


Crude Oil: As per stars crude oil is expected to show positive trend this week. Crude oil resistance levels US$ 109 or 111 per barrel and support levels USD 103 or 101 per barrel in world future market. Crude oil is expected to show positive movement due to some political tensions at oil producing countries. Therefore Investers need to be careful in short positions . This relief rally in crude oil is expected for very short period ,therefore profit booking in long positions in crude oil is suggested at every higher levels .

Bullions: As per financial astrology Gold and silver may show some bounce back at lower levels expected target For Gold US$ 940 to 955 levels during this week support levels for Gold US$ 910 . silver may also follow gold in future market. This week bullion may see highest volatility , No big volaume trading is advised .

Profit or Loss for You

This week may bring fortunes for MESH Rashi and MEEN Rashi this is base on moon sign as per Indian astrology. TAKE A LOOK ON HOW THE PREDICTIONS HAVE COME TRUE IN THE LAST WEEK

STOCKS: As per our Advance predictions Indian stock market has seen lot of volatility in world stock market . No clear trend was seen previous week . But as per our recommended stocks were among top gainner . nifty levels were also gone correct.

Lt Col Ajay is a leading astro finance consultant and CEO of