Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell, who was part of the group behind the viral Kony 2012 video and the Stop Kony campaign, was detained yesterday in California for allegedly drunkenly masturbating in public, according to the San Diego Police Department.

Russell, 33, was allegedly observed masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibility under the influence of something, said Lt. Andra Brown of the San Diego Police Department, according to

The Kony 2012 video and the Stop Kony campaign became an Internet sensation last week. Invisible Children had the video made to highlight abuses by Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, a self-proclaimed prophet who uses child soldiers for this Lord's Resistance Army and forces girls into prostitution. 

Kony has since left Uganda but has remained elusive.

Ben Keesey, CEO of Invisible Children, said in a statement that exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition contributed to Russell's issues that led to his detainment.

Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday, Keesey said. Jason's passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue. We will always love and support Jason, and we ask that you give his entire family privacy during this difficult time.

Jason Russell was the butt of many a joke on Twitter after news of his alleged drunkeness and masturbatory acts became spread.

Jason Russell the guy who made the Kony documentary was arrested last night for masturbating in public. I guess his new slogan is #Horny2012, said @ImLeslieChow, the parody account of the Asian crime lord from The Hangover films.

Stop Kony, Free Willy, said @colsonwhitehead.

Come on! Cut Jason Russell some slack! I mean, we've all drunkenly masturbated in public, right? ...right? tweeted @ghero46.

So is the idea here that Kony roofied Jason Russell? #Kony2012, said @davidrexk.

This is who all you fake fuckers 'supported' #LOL, tweeted @swag­_me_out_kid.

Russell's brush with the law began when Brown said police got calls yesterday of a man in various stages of undress who was behaving erratically, including running through traffic and screaming, reported.

Russell was in his underwear when he was detained and was described as being cooperative with police, although several people at the scene in Pacific Beach tried to get Russell to relax.

He was no problem for the police department. However, during the evaluation, we learned that we probably needed to take care of him, Brown said at a press conference. So officers detained him and transferred him to a local medical facility for further evaluation and treatment.