The official wedding invitations for Prince William and Kate Middleton have gone out and 1,900 people will be the attendees.

The regal wedding will have more than 50 members of the royal family and 40 members of foreign royal families in attendance. The guest list will include 60 leaders of the Queen's realms such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand and over 200 members of government and Parliament, according to The Telegraph.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is excluded from the guest list, reports Her representatives said that she did not expect to be invited . Her daughters, Princess Beatrice, 22, and Princess Eugenie, 20, will be a part of the ceremony.

Some other dignitaries unable to attend are President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Prime Minister, and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, reports The Telegraph.

The wedding invitation is gilt edged and has gold letterings with the Royal insignia and is being sent on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, has a copy with it. The wordings are simple and direct. It says, “ The Lord Chamberlain has ?been commanded by the Queen to invite the holder to the marriage at Westminster Abbey at 11 a.m. on April 29.” And the dress code is military uniform, a tailcoat or a business suit.

It is reported that another invitation has been sent out for the royal receptions after the wedding. Only 600 of the guest are invited to the reception to be held after the ceremony.

The Prince’s father, Prince Charles, will host a dinner later in the evening at Buckingham Palace.

A royal aide said: Ultimately who would be attending the Palace reception was the couple's choice. It will be a mixture of their friends, people who are known personally to the Royal family and members of the foreign Royal families. There will not be many people present who are there just by dint of their office.The couple were also keen to keep the evening reception intimate,” reports The Telegraph.