Today, medical device company INVO Bioscience, Inc. announced the signing of three distribution contracts in South and Latin America. The company, focused on treatment options for patients diagnosed with infertility, is looking to the Daxley Group to distribute INVO Bioscience in Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Chili, Argentina and Uruguay. Daxley also distributes for Medicult, Conception Technologies, Biogenics and Rocket Medical, all who offer infertility treatment products in said countries. INVO Bioscience’s patented product, the INVOcell, allows for vaginal incubation of eggs, sperm and early embryo development during the infertility treatment process.

Dr. Claude Ranoux has been invited to attend a meeting of the Association of Columbian Fertility and Sterility on August 22nd. Dr. Ranoux will lecture and hold a training seminar on the INVO procedure for over 17 OB/GYN’s and embryologists from South America. This training will allow them the capability of performing the INVO procedure in their facilities. Dr. Ranoux will also be holding a training session with the Daxley Group in order to train other physicians from Chili, Argentina and Bolivia.

Recently, many clinics have begun using the company’s product and procedures. Under Dr. Julio Diaz, Nacer Center for Human Reproduction in Lima Peru has started treating patients with the INVO procedure and has been contracted to distribute the INVOcell to IVF centers and OB/GYN’s in Peru.

“Dr. Diaz and his embryologist are convinced of the simplicity and the efficacy of the INVO procedure,” said Ranoux. “As a result, four specialists in infertility were also trained. They plan to start INVO units in the next two months with the technical support of the Nacer Infertility Clinic.”

Similarly, CER, Center for Human Reproduction, under the direction of Vivian Lopez Leon, has started treating patients with INVO and has contracted to distribute the product in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.

INVO Bioscience CEO, Kathleen Karloff, commented, “These agreements will allow INVO to begin the process of treating over 9 million estimated infertile couples in South and Latin America. INVO Bioscience’s goal is to develop this untapped market and treat 5% of this population over the next 5 years. This distribution network will enable INVO Bioscience to continue towards our goal of treating patients with the INVO procedure in countries around the world with a simpler and more affordable solution for patients who cannot afford or do not have access to treatment.”

Karloff added, “We are thrilled by the positive response from distributors to assist INVO Bioscience in launching the INVO procedure in South America. The availability of the INVO procedure in both stand-alone centers and existing IVF centers reaffirms that this breakthrough does not compete with IVF, but instead is a new option that will greatly increase access to treatment to the 150 million infertile couples worldwide.”

The INVOcell has already received European CE Mark approval. The company began selling units in late 2008 in select countries outside the United States. The company is currently pursuing U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for the INVOcell.