The team from 9to5Mac has recently made an interesting discovery. It seems that hidden within iOS 5 code there is a secret feature: new APIs that seem to be linked to a facial recognition software.

Last month we heard of iOS 5's interesting features straight from Scott Forstall,  iOS Software's senior vice president. The soon to come operating system will have the ability to take panoramic pictures and to recognize voice commands.

But apparently, Forstall forgot to mention an even more fascinating feature. The next iOS 5 could sport a face recognition feature.

The idea probably started in 2010, when Apple bought Polar Rose, as Swedish company that specializes in face detection algorithms. Now it seems that Apple is taking over this technology to integrate it in the upcoming iOS 5 and most likely, in the soon to come iPhone 5.

The 9to5Mac team claims that the APIs found in the iOS 5 codes appear to be highly sophisticated. The CIFaceFeature could determine mouth an eye position while the CIDetector would process images for face detection.

However, it seems that Apple will not be developing software with this APIs but rather allows app developers to come up with new applications based on their software.

Probably the facial recognition system won't be used in order to unlock your iPhone 5, but the app developers would be able to use this new technology to create a wide variety of applications. For instance, it could be used to keep track of your contacts, or to sort pictures in an iPhone 5 Photo app.

For the moment, nothing is certain, but we're pretty sure Apple and app developers would come up with compelling ways of using the face recognition technology.


The original post was published here: iOS 5 Could Sport The Face Recognition Feature