There are some pretty amazing applications and tweaks available for Apple devices running the iOS 5... but how does one select the best of them?

Check out a list of the top ten jailbreak apps and tweaks to help get the most out of the iOS 5!

1. Ipsum:

This jailbreak tweak allows iPhone users to dismiss any notification from the locked screen. Once Ipsum (from Cydia) is installed, all the user need do is swipe the notification... first right and then left... to dismiss it without unlocking the phone.


The AnyLockApp is a free Cydia tweak that allows the user to launch any application from the iPhone lockscreen.

The iOS 5 comes with the a locked-screen camera shortcut that is designed to give easy access to the camera. However, if the user does not use the camera as often as some other feature of the iPhone, AnyLockApp, with the help of a simple jailbreak, can tweak the existing shortcut to connect to any other frequently used app.

This jailbreak tweak, however, works only with the iOS 5 or higher.

3. F.lux:

F.lux is a screen-dimming app that adjusts the brightness of the iPhone screen, based on the time of the day. The app was actually originally developed for computers but has now been ported to the iPhones. Jailbreak your iPhone and install this free app to avoid straining your eyes.

F.Lux is available at


EnablePanorama is a Cydia tweak that gives iPhone users an easy way to enable panoramic functionality. Enable this Panoramic Camera on your iPhone and iPod Touch (running the iOS 5 firmware with a Gyroscope) and be prepared for some truly wonderful photographs.

5.biteSMS 6.1:

biteSMS is one of the more popular tweaks provided by Cydia. Developed by Delicious Inc., this tweak offers features like quick reply and quick compose, passcode lock and delivery reports, as well as contact picture integration, SMS scheduling with quick smiles and templates and contacts.

The latest version of biteSMS is iOS 5 compatible. It works on both the iPhone and the iPod and is fully integrated with all iOS 5 features including iMessaging and Notification Center.

biteSMS can be downloaded via Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

6.iCaughtU Pro:

This jailbreak tweak from Cydia is the latest version of the original app - iCaughtU - commonly considered the best tweak available for providing security to your Apple devices.

This is how it works - if the user were to misplace the Apple device or an unauthorized individual tries to enter the password (incorrectly), iCaughtU Pro takes a photograph with the front-facing camera and sends the image, along with location details and a map to a specified user via SMS or email.

7. ikeywi:

iKeyWi allows the user to add an extra row to the top of the keyboard on the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. The app also allows the user to customize the keys at the top of the keyboard.

iKeywi is available on Cydia.

8. SBSettings:

SBSettings, a hugely popular tweak, gives the user access to all the most important on/off toggles, like the ones for Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, etc. The tweak can be accessed from the Notifications Center and can be downloaded from Cydia.

9. IntelliscreenX:

With IntelliScreenX, the updated version of Intelliscreen, the user can browse through all the critical data on the iPhone's Slide to Unlock screen. The new version includes a calendar, email access, text messages, news stories, Facebook, Twitter, weather reports, QuickView/Preview of email and is completely integrated into iOS5 Notification Center.

The package can be downloaded from Cydia.


Whozcalling is one of the more recently released tweaks from Cydia. This allows the user to identify unknown calls and callers. The Whozcalling Cydia tweak does add an icon to iPhone homescreen.