This year has been a good year for Apple users with many different tweaks available for iOS jailbreak among which WinterBoard, Firebreak and Hands-Free Control have been found to be highly functional.


The WinterBoard app allows users to customize the appearance of their iOS device. It has been updated and is now fully compatible with iOS 5. Once jailbroken, WinterBoard can be downloaded in Cydia for free. WinterBoard, developed by Jay Freeman (saurik), will allow users to alter the color of nearly any part of the device. User can customize virtually every design aspect of the iPhone. It has the ability to change iPhone icons, customize applications, status bar graphics, iPhone dock graphics and install themes.


This has been developed by Jailbreak app developer Grant Paul. This tweak will make it extremely easy to enable the panorama mode in camera app in iOS 5. The panorama mode will make sure that user is able to take 360-degree snaps, highly effective for landscape photography. Users can download the jailbreak tweak for free from Cydia.

Hands-Free Control

A main attraction of the iPhone 4S is Siri. To activate Siri the user has to hold the home button down. This jailbreak tweak will allow the user to activate Siri via a Voice command. This tweak will be useful on the iPhone 4S which has been jailbroken. The tweak will activate Voice Controls on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or the 3rd or 4th generation iPod touch whenever the complete port of Siri is available for these devices.