Apple recently released its new iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The beta version of the new operating system has been out for a few weeks, allowing jailbreak developers time to study the best ways to do their thing.

Jailbreaking gives you a way to install software on your Apple device that originates from somewhere outside the company's App Store universe, without Apple's seal of approval. It also enables users to make unauthorized tweaks to the device's mobile operating system. Jailbreaking voids the user's warranty and could cause damage to the user's device if not done properly.

As soon as iOS 5 came out, some jailbreak developers released a tethered jailbreak version for various iPhones, the iPad 1 and several iPods. A tethered jailbreak means that if you install it, it will only stay active until the next time you reboot the device. Therefore, once you reboot the device, you will need to redo the jailbreak.

The jailbreaking community is now working to create an untethered jailbreak solution for those devices.

In an even larger effort, the jailbreaking community is also working to develop a jailbreak solution for the new iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, with both running iOS 5. Until now, only iOS 4.3.3 was jailbroken.

MuscleNerd, a jailbreak developer and one of the core members of the iPhone Dev Team, has just confirmed that the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices carry the same bootloader. Thus, when one of the two devices gets jailbroken, the other will soon follow.

An announcement on Twitter started a race among leading jailbreak teams to find a jailbreaking solution for the new iPad 2 and iPhone 4S running iOS 5.