Other than the camera enhancements and Safari improvements, the Keyboard Shortcut is another neat features in iOS 5. Basically, you just need to type a shortcut like omw for the phrase On my way!.

Simply open the Notes app to have a try. Key in omw and iPhone will show you the On my way! phrase. Hit Space to accept the phrase.

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcut in iOS 5

The iOS 5 only comes with one shortcut. But you're allowed to define your own keyboard shortcut to speed up your typing.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard. Scroll down and tap Add New Shortcut.... In this screen, you can define your own shortcut. Let's say you want to define a shortcut for Thank you very much!. Key in Thank you very much! in the Phrase field and tyvm in the shortcut.


Tap Save to save it.


Now try to launch the Notes app to test it out. Just type tyvm and tap Space. The phrase Thank you very much! is here.


Now go ahead to define your frequently-used words or phrases as keyboard shortcuts. I'm sure this feature will greatly improve your typing speed on iPhone.

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