Nearly one million people have jailbroken their iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices since Friday thanks to a recently released untethered jailbreak, according to a report.

As per the post in the Dev-Team blog, a lot of A5 device users visited Cydia, the iOS app store for jailbroken devices, between Friday and Monday afternoon. The latest jailbreak is designed for iOS devices with Apple's dual-core A5 chip and running iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

The jailbroken iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices now have access to a wider variety of apps and customization tools that Apple prevents non-jailbroken devices from accessing. Cydia is the most popular method for jailbroken iOS devices to download apps and tweaks. Cydia, the repository of apps for jailbroken iPhones and iPads, contains many applications that would never meet requirements approved by Apple for inclusion in the official App Store. With the iPhone 4S, the feature that offers perhaps the best potential for jailbreakers is Siri.

Since iOS 5 comes pre-installed on the iPhone 4S, this is the first time its owners could jailbreak the device without tethering it to a computer, which is too cumbersome a process to be considered by most users. An untethered jailbreak means that a jailbroken device can retain its jailbreak exploit without being connected to a PC during a reboot. This is important as jailbroken devices sometimes require rebooting to finish installing new features.

The new jailbreak, called Absinthe and part of the Chronic Dev Team's GreenPois0n jailbreak tool, came about 10 months after the first A5 device, the iPad 2, hit the stores. The Chronic team said last week, β€œThe ridiculously complex combination of exploits-within-exploits that make this iOS jailbreak possible have consumed thousands of hours of brain power and effort.”