French hacker pod2g and Chronic Dev Team beat rival MuscleNerd and iPhone Dev-Team in finding an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak for Apple devices.

In his Twitter account, pod2g tweeted that Chronic Dev team has (as promised) released the untether jailbreak version of A4 devices powered by iOS 5.0.1.

The link redirects to pod2g's blog where he posted:

A4 release
Hello, as expected, the Chronic Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team have released the A4 untethered for 5.0.1 based on my work.

It is exactly the same set of files, either distributed as a Cydia package for those that are already tethered or a redsn0w bundle for new users.

They both did a great job testing and integrating the payload.

Here is a link to their respective blog posts :
- Chronic Dev Team :
- iPhone Dev Team :

    temporary redsn0w download links:

Happy jailbreaking !!!


There was a flood of comments with pod2g's followers complimenting his team.

One user 'Cryptous' said, Hope the A5 is going smoothly and thanks for everything! This 4s user is patiently waiting!

TshingOnn said, First!!! Good Work bro!!!

Mauhib said, thank u so much! the jailbreaking community is proud of u

Pramod Sankhla said, thanks a ton ....god bless u forever.....thanks again ...:)

However, it was clear that pod2g's followers are waiting eagerly for the news of A5 jailbreak.

While 'Alvis' said, 4S PLEASE!!! i hate it without JB!, another follower 'awerqo' said, iPad 2 when? PLEASE

But one follower, 'Zendrex' urged them to be patient. @Alvis you are really still nagging him about the 4s, you should be gratefully that he is even doing this at all you are a shame to the jail breaking community. I have an iPad 2 and I am waiting. You can do the same! Zendrex said.

One follower 'Warren Black' even regreted buying iPhone 4S as iPhone 4 untethered jailbreak is now out.

this news just makes me regret buying a 4s even more now... suppose ill be jailbreaking all my mates phones soon while my own remains the property of apple. I am sooooooo jealous right now. Great work! :)Btw, perhaps if people were updated more often about the progress of the a5 jailbreaks (even if it is about failures) there would be WAY fewer bitchy little queen complaining that they havent got their jailbreak yet. that way they wont be assuming noting is being done. Just a suggestion, Black posted.

Pod2g also warned the jailbreak community not to update to iOS 5.0.2 when it's out.

BTW: A4/A5 users, don't update to 5.0.2 when it's out, that would cut your jailbreak possibilities, the hacker tweeted.

And though a rival, the hacker also thanked MuscleNerd for his hard work. Many thanks to @MuscleNerd for the testing he did on 5.0.1 devices !!! he tweeted.

Does pod2g deserve the title of 'jailbreaker of the year'? Leave your comments below.

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