On top of the Reader, Reading List features and other minor Safari improvements, the iOS 5 also makes the mobile Safari speedier.

On Tuesday New Relic, a web application performance company, released the results of a study comparing the mobile Safari performance of iOS 4 and iOS 5 on the same model of iPhone. As you'll see from the infographic, the page load time on iOS 5 is significantly reduced as compared to the previous version of iOS. That means you'll get a better and speedier browsing experience on iOS 5 even you're using the same old iPhone.

Check out the full infographic after the break.


So if you're still using iOS 4, I think you get another reason to upgrade to the iOS 5. Of course, there are 16 more reasons why you need to upgrade to the latest iOS.



The original post was published on Simon Blog: iOS 5 vs iOS 4: Mobile Safari Performance