With the release of the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak and the release of MobileSubstrate’s successor, Cydia Substrate, new iOS jailbreak users are wondering: “What tweaks and mods can I install?"

While many developers are still in the process of updating their tweaks and mods to work properly with iOS 7, others have gone even further, introducing new iOS tweaks and mods, especially ones that take advantage of the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor. Take a look at some of the latest iOS tweaks and mods that you can install on your newly jailbroken iOS 7 device below.


While currently pending release through the BigBoss repo, a mod called BioProtect was created by Elias Limneos as a way to add extra privacy and security to iOS apps. Using the Touch ID fingerprint reader built into the iPhone 5S, users can lock off individual apps by requiring Touch ID verification.


This app follows in the footsteps of other mods that also look to find new ways to utilize the Touch ID sensor.

Virtual Home

Virtual Home takes a more rudimentary approach to utilizing the Touch ID reader. Instead of using the Touch ID fingerprint reader for verification, Virtual Home enables the use of Touch ID as a “virtual home” button, in lieu of pressing down the home screen button.  For those iOS jailbreak users that have a tendency to have their home buttons breaking on them, this is a welcome modification for use on the iPhone 5S.

If you’re looking for a little more gesture customization, Activator enables a similar function with the fingerprint sensor while also allowing additional functions and inputs using all physical buttons of iOS devices and additional finger gestures on the touch screen.

Bytafont 2

BytaFont allows iOS 7 users tired of the default iOS font to change it to their liking. While some new fonts have been ported to BytaFont 2, fonts from its previous version are currently incompatible.  However, fonts are expected to be ported from the previous version in the coming days, according to a post on the BytaFont website.



If you’re looking to add a little extra tint to your iOS 7 interfaces, the Fancy tweak allows you to colorize different parts of iOS 7. Whether you’re looking to change the color of your dock, notification center, banner notifications or other parts of iOS 7, the Fancy tweak allows you to modify your iOS device to your liking.



If you prefer a darker keyboard, KeyBlack is the way to go on iOS 7. It enables a darker keyboard across all of iOS, especially those pesky apps that still use iOS 6 style keyboards. Unlike the other tweaks available above, KeyBlack is only available after adding “http://kindadev.com/apt/” to the repository list in Cydia.

What other iOS 7 jailbreak mods and tweaks are you using? Let us know in the comments.

Note: International Business Times is not responsible for any damage caused by installing unauthorized tweaks, mods and software.