With the buzz around the launch date of iPad 3 growing louder, one company has attempted to exploit the iPad fever by releasing a video that pits the hottest gadget of 2011 - iPad 2 - against something hotter - Mother Nature's molten lava. And, no prizes for guessing who won.

The video in question was produced by ZooGue, maker of cases for electronic devices, and the actor is none other than ZooGue CEO Tim Angel.

The video shows Tim jetting to Hilo, Hawaii, after which he hikes for 2 hours to a live volcanic spot.

What happens next is not for the weak-hearted technophile. Tim cautiously dips the iPad 2 (which is dangling at the end of an improvised 'fishing rod') into the flowing lava.

Tim continues to 'bake' the iPad in the flowing lava till the iPad catches fire and gets burnt to a crisp. The end result is smoldering ashes of what once was iPad 2.

The 'magmatic iPad test' is shocking and goes to prove that Mother Nature prevails over everything, even iPad.

And one is left to wonder why ZooGue woul do such a thing (one viewer even commented Why would you even do this?).

Is it a radical marketing ploy? Perhaps yes, because the video has a link to 'Check out our very functional cases.' In other words, this shocking video will have intrigued viewers wanting to know more about ZooGue and its products.

However, the video definitely doesn't prove whether ZooGue cases are good enough to protect the iPad from molten lava in case a traveler does accidentally drop one in it.

Check out the hot video below.