Apple’s iPad 3 is finally here. After months of speculations and rumors, Apple has introduced us to its new tablet device. So are you thinking about owning one when it hits the market? You should probably make a fair estimation as to why you want to buy - or not buy - it.

Here are five reasons why you should or shouldn’t go for the new iPad 3.

Why you should buy an iPad 3:

4G LTE is a money-saver: The iPad 3 4G LTE data connectivity provided by Verizon costs $20/month for 1 GB, $30/2 GB and $50/5 GB and is nearly as fast as a Wi-Fi connection. Although the price sounds high, it could eventually help in great savings for people who are always on the road and connecting via Wi-Fi that can overcharge the customer to as much as $25 a day. However, AT&T hasn’t spoken about when it will add a hotspotting option.

Why type when speaking out is an option: Make good use of the microphone icon that has been squeezed between the alpha/numeric toggle key and the space bar on the iPad 3 keyboard of every app. Here you can dictate as many 70 words and they will be typed accurately. However, note that you will also need an Internet connection and a quiet environment as the speech detection process happens somewhere in the cloud.

A statement: An iPad 3 is more than just a gadget in the current world. If your job is related to technology, the last thing you want to do is to create a negative impression on your important clients and not go with the latest technological advancements. If you are one of those people who believes in following trends, then you will buy the iPad 3 whether you need it or not.

Lighter than a laptop: We all have our fair share of problems in life and there’s absolutely no point in adding more worries when there is an easier way out. An iPad is much lighter when compared to a five-pound laptop and typing on the iPad 3 can be enhanced with a separate keyboard powered by Bluetooth. Though some may argue that typing is far easier on a laptop.

Eye problems: The iPad 3 is a great option if you are myopic or presbyopic and if it is difficult for you to read smaller alphabets and numbers. The Apple tablet has a sharper screen resolution a normal PC or laptop. The bottom line is that an iPad 3 equals to less strain on your eyes.

And why you shouldn't:

An iPad 2 is equally deserving: There is no reason to just discard your iPad 2 in favor of an iPad 3 because, frankly, there is no fault with the previous device. Very truly, even a few months ago, the iPad 2 was one of the greatest technological achievements you could acquire. Hence, it is not fair to just replace your old iPad with the new one. However, if you want to show off the new iPad 3 then go for it.

Need: Ask yourself why you really need an iPad 3 and if it is worth shelling out $499-$829 for a device whose main utility in your life will be showing your friends that you can actually afford one. Remember, there is a big difference between what you want and what you really need.

An expensive toy for your kid: Decide if your kid really needs a toy as expensive as the new iPad 3. Frankly, a child is not capable of using an iPad 3 due to various reasons, the most important being the adaptability to the touchscreen of the tablet. And bringing in the iPad 3 for just the sheer pleasure of gaming and heating up the enhanced A5X chips makes absolutely no sense at all.

Apple’s ecosystem: Remember that any music, movies or books you buy in iTunes will perform only on Apple hardware. This means that you will lose all your media content if you decide to switch operating systems in the future. Clinging on to Microsoft Windows and Android is a better option because of its media purchase options and device flexibility.

Money factor: The iPad 3 is expensive and that's just it. Apart from playing a few Retina Display enabled games, ask yourself what you really want to do on your new Apple tablet and what it can do that a cheaper tablet can’t. You don't really need an iPad 3 just to answer occasional emails, surf the web or read an e-book.

If the aforementioned reasons are your only criteria in owning a tablet, why not buy a Kindle Fire for just $200?