The iPad 3 release date is getting closer, and a number of sources have come up with a host of leaked images or screenshots of the upcoming tablet.

With reference to the pictures posted on BGR, the images of the device are showing a development tool called iBoot.

iPad3, which is likely to be released on March 29, is expected to arrive with an A6 quad-core chipset and an LTE speed support. The unnamed source that has provided BGR with the images has claimed that he has access to this new generation's prototype.

The screenshots have confirmed some of the speculations like a faster A6 processor with the number 'S5L8945X', and the model numbers - J1(iPad 3.1) and J2 (iPad 3.2). Among the two versions, one is only Wi-Fi enabled and the other has Wi-Fi along with embedded GSM/CDMA/LTE for all carriers.

The previous Apple A4 model number was S5L8930X and the current A5 is S5L8940X. The new processor will also apparently be a quad-core model, making the upcoming iPad 3 the fastest iOS device ever.

Elsewhere, Amazon added two iPad 3 books to its European site called iPad 3 pour les nuls, or iPad 3 for Dummies in French, and Auf die Schnelle iPad 3, which is German for iPad 3 on the Fly, according to a report from iPad 3 for Dummies is scheduled to be published on March 29.

Check out the photos here.

(Information from BGR and Mashable)