March 7 will see the unveiling of Apple's newest iPad, and whether it's an iPad 3 or iPad 2S, it will likely sell millions. Even if we don't know the exact features it will have yet, we can see where the tablet world is headed, and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt already announced Google is working on its own tablet. In some ways the Motorola Xoom that came out in early 2010 was the first Google tablet, but nobody's talking about that device now. With the new iPad rumored to have features like a high-resolution display, Siri voice recognition and 4G LTE speeds, what could Google roll out to top that?

Here's what industry insiders are saying; Google isn't even targeting the iPad with its Nexus tablet. It's Microsoft powered Windows 8 devices that are really what Google is going after. That's because Microsoft gets paid royalties from tablet manufacturers who use the Google Android software (patent lawsuits etc). The point is, when and if Google does build a tablet, it may not go on sale until the end of the year. Right about the time Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is ready to go against the Windows 8 final build.

So, a Google tablet with Android 5.0 that could power your home thermostat and other gadgets around your house (the rumored Android @ Home) against the iPad 3 with Siri, an HD display and better camera. Perhaps it will be the eight-inch iPad Mini facing off against a Kindle Fire-like Google branded tablet selling for less than $300. By the time we get to that point, the tablet world will look very different indeed because more devices will be released, and the pace of innovation will have taken yet another step. Tell us in the comments if you are looking forward to a Google/Apple showdown or if you think a three-way battle including Microsoft would be better.