Apple, as always, is keeping its lips tightly sealed. But every techie out there knows that the new Apple device coming out today is the next generation tablet dubbed iPad 3. We are barely an hour away from the release of iPad 3.

2012 is the year of quad-core tablets being rolled out by various manufacturers. Some groovy Android tablets are out there in the market, ones that are capable of beating iPad 2 in performance and features. Also, Windows 8 tablets will start rolling out in summer. At such a time, iPad 2 will fall short in offerings. Now, it is the right time to reveal the next-gen tablet for Apple, if it still wants to be called ‘king of tablets’.

The biggest buzz right now is about the Retina display which iPad 3 is expected to feature. This is also the most “confirmed” feature of iPad 3. The upcoming tablet is expected to feature Retina display with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels. Apple might call the upcoming tablet iPad HD for featuring a true HD display. Senseg's haptic touchscreen technology, which makes touchscreens come alive with textures, contours and edges that users can feel, may also find its way into the new iPad.

After Retina display, the second most talked feature of iPad 3 is quad-core processor and 4G compatibility. The new Apple tablet is expected to be powered by quad-core A6 processor. Graphics module will be new too. iPad 3 will be optimized for high-end graphics apps and 3D games. Meanwhile, 4G network support will give high speed Internet access to users.

There are reports that Apple is testing iOS 6 on iPad 3 deep in its vaults at Cupertino HQ. However, possibilities of a completely new OS are remote. A refined OS is widely expected, however. If it’s not iOS 6, it’s definitely going to be iOS 5.1 that’s going to run the iPad 3.

And then, there’s Siri. Siri on iPad will be an amazing feature. We can expect to see an upgraded version of Siri on iPad 3, that will take pictures, set reminders, open/close apps, send emails and do a lot of stuff with voice guidance by user. Indeed, Siri is one of the most-expected features of the iPad 3. Working on a 9.7-inch touchscreen could sometimes be cumbersome for single-handed operations. Now, with Siri, there will be no need to touch the screen. So, this feature will be very useful.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for these features to find their way on the new flagship tablet that will be released in just a few hours from now. What are your expectations from iPad 3? What features do you think the new tablet will carry? Leave your comments below.

(Reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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