Apple will be hosting a special media event at San Francisco on Wednesday. The company has never said clearly about its upcoming product but the press invite sent by Apple says it all. Undoubtedly Apple will unveil its third-generation iPad that will possess high-resolution display. But one is not sure whether it will be called as iPad 3 or iPad HD. Hence its name, cost and features are all up in the air.

Normally Apple has never revealed any information about its upcoming devices. However the rumors about its new product or the expected features have made rounds via the Internet. Probably, the users expect the best features from Apple's latest device since it has always succeeded in surprising its fans by bringing out unique featured products.

Check out below what we expect from the Apple event and especially, iPad 3 (in case it debuts).

iPad 3 or iPad HD

The predecessor of the third-generation iPad is iPad 2 which was launched in 2011. Since Apple is expected to unveil its third-generation model of iPad, there is a possibility that Apple will name it iPad 3.The image icon in the press invites clearly hints that Apple will unveil a high resolution device.

According to Gizmodo, the part listings obtained from case manufacturers show that the next generation iPad will be called iPad HD. CNet also reported that the new tablet will be called iPad HD to draw attention to the high resolution screen.

1) High Resolution Display

One can expect a full HD display in the new iPad. Probably Apple will equip iPad 3 with a Retina Display of 2048x1536 pixels, which will make the images or text look sharper and clearer.

2) 4G LTE

The previous iPads support At&T's and Verizon's 3G cellular networks. However, this time iPad 3 is expected to come up with the upgraded 4G LTE option. If Apple include 4G LTE chip in its new iPad, then it will prove to be a strong contender to the Android tablets. 4G LTE offers speed of up to ten times faster than 3G.

3) Siri

Siri was a key feature to make a splash in iPhone 4S. It will be a brilliant opportunity for Apple to extend this amazing feature in the iPad 3 or iPad HD. The voice assistant to appear in the new iPad will possibly be an upgraded one which will open up a world of possibilities to iPad users. The Siri on iPhone 4S is a beta version.

4) Better Camera

The iPad 2 users are dissatisfied with the 0.7 megapixel camera. Apple is expected to bump up the camera specs in iPad 3 with 8-megapixels sensor that can capture full HD video. The new iPad is also expected to have a front-facing HD camera for a better FaceTime video chat. These features could deal a killer blow on the rival tablets.

5) Better iOS

Apple is expected to introduce iOS 5.1 to the iPad 3. Since iPad 2 is powered by iOS 5 it makes sense to have an upgraded version in the upcoming tablet. However it is uncertain whether iPad 3 will come up with iOS 6. According to the rumors, the iOS 6 is being tested in Apple labs and could soon show its face. However, iOS 5.1 is expected to be released with iPad 3 debut.

6) iPad 3 Cost

There has been lot of rumors about the cost of the new iPad. According to 9to5Mac, it is expected that the upcoming iPad will cost the same as the current iPad 2's non-discount price. Probably Apple fans will be happy to know that especially when they head to to Apple stores.

Apple TV...What?

According to The Verge, one can expect an improved version of Apple TV set-top box at the special event on Wednesday. Probably the words written on the Press invite We have something you really have to see hints that Apple will unveil a new Apple TV set top box which will come with the Airplay feature that will work well on the upcoming iPad.

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