Apple announced that it is expected to release its newest device, the iPad 3, a week from today. The new gadget has sparked a lot of chatter from the tech community, from its missing start button to its Retina display. However, there are speculations that the newest Apple craze may not actually be available for sale on March 7, according to ComputerWorld.

Sources are now saying that the next-generation iPad shipments are already landing at ports of multiple countries around the world, so we can expect near-immediate availability, the publication reported yesterday. That does not mean you can buy one on event day, but likely within one to two weeks after the announcement.

Electronics retailer Best Buy is already preparing for a March 7th release date, lowering prices of the iPad 2 by $50 across the board.

Nothing has been confirmed about a delayed release for the third generation tablet. But if the retail stock for the iPad 2 around the time of its release is a precursor, it may be difficult to get your hands on the new device.

Close to one million units were sold in the iPad 2's first weekend, which is about double the amount of devices sold when the original iPad was released. If this trend keeps up, Apple is sure to break records with its iPad 3 launch.