A few more hours to go and the six months' waiting period and anticipation will come to an end as Apple is all set to unveil its much-hyped iPad 3 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  

While rumors are rampant about the name, features and price of the device, many Apple lovers will certainly be heartbroken as Apple this time also will give a miss to some of the key features that tablet enthusiasts are hoping to see in the upcoming gadget.

Check out the list of five things that you should not expect this time for Apple to pack with its iPad 3. But who knows, you might find all of them in the iPhone 5. Let's begin here.

1.       Stylus Pen

Stylus is again in vogue and the credit for reviving it goes to Samsung. Although this time Apple is also expected to pack a stylus with a heated tip for extra precision with its iPad 3, Apple lovers do not necessarily feel iPad needs a stylus. But the S-pen would certainly be beneficial for education apps, and would make a huge difference to 5, 6 or 8 year-old children, believe experts.

As we still remember Steve Jobs' war against the stylus, we should not expect Apple to revive the same pen anytime soon that its rival Samsung has launched.

2.       3D: A Complete Gimmick

The 3D craze is gaining traction. In case you expected to see Apple bundling glasses-free 3D graphics into its latest iPad, you will be disheartened. Apple, in all probability, will not pack a glasses-free 3D technology with its device.

3.       Micro SDcard Slot...Next Time Maybe

Whatever the rumors say, Apple this time too will disappoint its fans as the company has very less chances of packing a Secure Digital (SD) card slot to a USB port in the iPad.

4.       Sound System - Better and Louder

A new speaker was introduced in the iPad 2 but the sound quality did not improve from the original pad. Users often complained about the low volume. This time, a better speaker is one of the major features that the iPad lovers want to see in the latest iteration for listening to music and podcasts.

Apple's Android rival HTC has already incorporated Beats Audio technology, which is being touted as this year's biggest innovation into its new phones. The same technology will be introduced in HTC's tablets too. It's high time that Apple came up with a better sound system to put an end to the persisting complaints of its users.

5.       Hand Gestures...Not A Chance

Reportedly, Apple filed a patent for a more ingenious way to integrate hand gestures into its iDevices particularly the iPad. Hand gestures could pave the way for a more interactive user experience. But if you are expecting this feature in your iPad 3, wait another year.

Along with all these features, glossy screen is one issue that also needs to be addressed by the company. But this time also it seems unlikely that Apple will change the glossy screens.