All kinds of rumors for Apple's next generation tablet - dubbed iPad 3 -- are flying thick and fast all over the Internet. And, the most recent rumor is that -- hold your breath -- iPad 3 will be transparent and rimless.

In the concept video, a user holds his advanced iPad over his knees, and browses photos, reads book, posts on the social media, watches movie, and plays the popular game Angry Birds game. Nothing unusual except that the concept iPad is rimless and transparent.

The explanation accompanying the video predicts that Apple's next generation tablet will weigh 0.6 pounds, sport a storage space of 16GB, battery life of 10 hrs, and 3G connectivity. A blend of performance and awesomeness, the futuristic iPad will sport a 9.7-inch multi-touch holographic screen with fluid-like controls. Whether it is flipping a photograph or zooming a map, the operations have become more accurate and precise on the new iPad, the publisher of the video, Dakota Adney, suggests.

The video, named iPad 3 Commercial, has piqued the interest of Apple fans and has left many people wondering whether the next generation Apple tablet will indeed look like this. A sample of tweets gives insight:

leonso100: so basiclly its a pice of glass with projected lights at the bottom and has motion sensor :D AWESOME

TurnItWhite : Guys i lost my ipad 3 in the woods, can u help me find it?

576sheba : @99chopstix Guess you gotta wait for the iPad 4 xD

Starfyful : Lol not in 2012 bud! Maybe like 2015?

Apple's iPad 3 is expected to be unveiled sometime in the first quarter of 2012 and rumors go that it will boast of Retina Display (2048x1536 pixel), better cameras, a more powerful processor (quad-core?), 4G LTE support and Siri, iPhone 4S personal voice assistant.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video below.

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