Despite declining tablet sales, Apple's iPad remains the most popular slate on the market. It may seem hard to decide what to buy for someone who's glued to theirs, but adding accessories into the mix can unlock exciting new features. Put a smile on the face of an iPad owner this Christmas by getting them one of these six new additions.

Gamevice ($99.95 for iPad mini, Coming Soon to iPad Air)

A lot of iPad games have game controller support, and Gamevice is one of the best ways to take advantage. The gadget wraps around the entire iPad, turning it into something that resembles a giant arcade controller. Those familiar with the Wii U should feel right at home here. Gamevice offers a free App Store app for finding out which games support controllers, taking all the guesswork out of which games can be played.

SteelSeries Nimbus ($49.95)

Not everybody will want to hold their iPad during gaming sessions. Thankfully the iPad works with a wide range of controllers, and the SteelSeries Nimbus is one of the best on the market. Resembling a more traditional Xbox or PlayStation controller, the Nimbus syncs up via Bluetooth and offers the same controls as the Gamevice. Unlike the Gamevice, which is specifically designed for one device shape, the Nimbus will work on any iPhone, iPad or Apple TV that supports game controllers.

Apple Pencil ($99, iPad Pro only)

In terms of styluses for the iPad, it's simply no competition. The Apple Pencil can detect broad brush strokes, fine flicks, and it'll even reject screen input from a palm resting on the screen. Unfortunately, the Apple Pencil only works with the iPad Pro right now, but if Apple decides to extend support to other iPads, it'll give competitors a run for their money.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard ($79.95)

Turn the iPad into a fully fledged writing powerhouse in an instant. Microsoft's keyboard is compact, yet comfortable. The product comes in two detachable parts: the keyboard itself and a cradle for the iPad. Its design means any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet can join in on the fun. Left the iPad at home but still want to write out an email? Rest a smartphone in the cradle and type away.

Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader ($29)

Transfer pictures from a digital camera to an iPad with this handy little gadget. Apple recently updated this reader to support blazing-fast USB 3.0 speeds on the iPad Pro, but the slower speeds on older iPads are plenty fast already.

Pictures come to life on the iPad's dazzling display, while moving photos off the camera's memory card will provide even more space for shots. The dongle is idea for holidays: its small size will make it go unnoticed in luggage, and transferring photos onto the iPad will allow uploading to social media and emailing to relatives.

moleskine Moleskine's collection of tablet covers that double up as notepads are an ideal gift for budding artists. Photo: Moleskine

Moleskine Tablet Cover ($89.95 for iPad Air, $64.95 for iPad mini)

The iPad is great, but sometimes it can be nice to switch back to old-fashioned paper for tasks. It's cheap, simple and doesn't run out of batteries. Moleskine's genius case combines the best of both worlds, with a notepad on one side and an iPad on the other. Sketch out a photo displayed on the iPad, or write down map directions from the screen. The possibilities are endless, and it all comes wrapped up in the company's gorgeous traditional cover.

Apple TV ($149 for 32GB)

Beam videos, photos and web content to the big screen with this handy little box. The Apple TV is a great way of sharing what's on the screen when it's needed most, saving the family from huddling around a 10-inch screen just to see what's going on.