Yahoo's new iPad app, Livestand, is now available in the App Store, and it's designed to be a one stop magazine content aggregator that lets you share what you're reading and discover new magazines. Livestand was created just for the iPad for a reason. To take advantage of the bright display and portability. If the iPad is to be used as an e-reader, then Livestand wants to be your home page.

Livestand pulls in content from Yahoo sites, but also from around the Web, and you can sign into the app with your Facebook account. Each magazine you want to read comes in the form on an applet, and they are all free as is Livestand itself. Once downloaded, if you want to add more content to the library, go to the explore all content catalog and find what you want there.

Additionally, if you aren't the only person in your house who uses the iPad, Livestand lets you register up to four accounts in the app and keep your content separate. Livestand can't help but be compared to other apps like Flipboard that seem similar. Livestand, however, is not as integrated with a variety of sources as Flipboard. Yahoo wants you to read content from their sites, although you aren't strictly limited. Flipboard is also free, and has the advantage of having been around for over a year.

Livestand launched Nov. 2, and Yahoo will no doubt refine it to make as desirable as possible. Maybe they'll even make an Android version of it. iPad is far and away the best tablet seller, so that could be a ways off, but Yahoo could even develop another app based on people's reactions to Livestand. It was announced in February, though, so Yahoo has spent plenty of time on Livestand.

Let us know in the comments if you've tried Livestand or Flipboard and what you think of them.