With the purported release date of iPad 3 barely weeks away, rumor mills have begun buzzing louder than ever and the latest rumors suggest that iPad 3 will be pricier than iPad 2 and Apple might also offer two different processor options.

According to MacRumors, which has posted a photo of the alleged spreadsheet, which is from Sina Weibo - the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, the new tablet should be $70 to $80 pricier than its predecessor, iPad 2. However, the spreadsheet couldn't be verified.

There is a price comparison between the iPad 3 and iPad 2 on the spreadsheet. The iPad 2 prices are in U.S. dollars at the present pricing, which starts at $499 for the 16GB+WiFi model. The iPad 3, meanwhile, is listed at a starting price of $579 for the $16GB+WiFi model and goes as high as $899 for the 64GB+WiFi+3G model. According to the chart, the iPad 3 costs $80 more for the equivalent Wi-Fi models, and $70 more for the equivalent 3G models, the sheet indicated.

Meanwhile, the price of all the iPad 2 models was reduced by $50 in Best Buy on Sunday. Presently, one can get the iPad 2 16GB model (Wi-Fi only) for $449.99, 32GB for $549, 64GB for $779.99 etc. A regional big-box retailer Meijer even has slashed the 16GB iPad 2 (with Wi-Fi only) by $70.

The Taiwan-based Apple.pro., which cited Weiphone forums  and Sina Weibo, also reported that the new tablets are being shipped from Foxconn, Apple's major product manufacturer in China - to the U.S.

The cargo reportedly will be loaded at major international cargo charter flights in Chengdu International Airport and transported to three of America’s biggest airports - ORD Chicago, the JFK New York, and LAX in Los Angeles by March 9.

Moreover, the new iPad might have both two chips - dual- core A5X and quad-core A6, the Verge reported.

Last week, the Weiphone forums leaked an image, which suggested that the iPad 3 will have an A5X chip, for there is A5X labeled on the processor of the purported iPad 3's motherboard.

Weiphone also explained that the model number of the new tablet is S5L8945X. For reference, the A4 model number was S5L8930X, whereas the A5 chip was S5L8940X, according to Weiphone. If there is a big jump to A6, the new model number should be S5L8950X rather than S5L8945X, the report claimed.

Nevertheless, 9to5Mac reported Sunday that the newest beta build of iOS 5.1 includes references to the 50X and 45X, which means the tech giant is working on two new SoCs.

There are three different explanations for the two chips. One is that Apple might have tested two chips and then may have chosen one of them for the new tablet. The other explanation is that the company might offer two types of processor in the new device. Another explanation is that one of the chips is for the rumored iPad Mini, which will reportedly be released after the iPad 3.

The iPad 3 is expected to debut at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco on March 7. Earlier rumors claimed the new tablet will boast of Retina Display, Siri, a better camera, a more powerful battery, 4G LTE and more.