The do-it-yourself website Instructables recently awarded a chocolate iPad 2 recipe a runner-up place in its chocolate contest, which invited users to submit step-by-step instructions for duplicating their most creative confections.

The chocolate iPad is not for the DIY beginner; as it involves both culinary mastery and technological proficiency. Photo editing skills are neccessary to create the most convincing image of an iPad screen on the canvas, which then must be painted with melted chocolate. But chocolate iPad creator stevequag insists that painting with chocolate is much easier than you may first think.

Instructables was created by MIT mechanical engineer Eric Wilhelm and his MIT Media Lab colleague Saul Griffith, an inventor who was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant. Initially, Instructables was primarily concerned with DIY electronic and mechanical devices, but has now expanded to include other categories such as food, play, and workshop.