The iPhone 4S is proving to be a bundle of surprises for iPhone users. At a time when everyone is going gaga over the many intuitive features in the new recently released iPhone version like the voice control system - Siri and a faster A5 processor to name a few; there are a few other pioneering features in the iPhone 4S that garners attention.

One such indomitable feature is Bluetooth 4.0. This feature makes the iPhone compatible with an entire new category of low-energy wireless devices, which earlier wasn't possible since Bluetooth technology consumed too much power. You may say that iPhone 4S is now endorsed as a 'Bluetooth Smart Ready' device as Bluetooth 4.0 gets ready for brand refurbishment in association with iPhone 4S.

In a recent announcement via a press release, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has revealed that the 'Bluetooth 4.0′  will now be branded as Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart. The low-power devices will now be called Bluetooth Smart devices, while Bluetooth 4.0 devices like your cell phone fall into the category Bluetooth Smart Ready.

This is indeed a smart move adopted to create awareness around compatibility for new devices - mainly for devices like the iPhone 4S that has been integrated to support the standard.


The 'Bluetooth Special Interest Group' press release reads:

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced two new brand extensions to its globally recognized logo today in an effort to create consumer awareness around compatibility for new devices implementing Bluetooth v4.0 - the Bluetooth Smart Ready trademark and the Bluetooth Smart trademark. Bluetooth Smart Ready devices are phones, tablets, PCs and TVs that sit at the center of a consumer's connected world and implement a Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode radio. Bluetooth Smart devices are sensor-type devices like heart-rate monitors or pedometers that run on button-cell batteries and were built to collect a specific piece of information. Bluetooth Smart devices include only a single-mode low energy Bluetooth v4.0 radio.

What does that signify?

Simply speaking, the iPhone 4S represented as a Bluetooth Smart Ready device can now interact with Bluetooth Smart peripherals such as a heart-rate monitor or smart watch carrying the Bluetooth Smart Logo. As the CMO of SIG, Suke Jawanda explains, it is more like owning a 3DTV with the must-haves - the 3D glasses and the 3D content without which the experience wouldn't be complete.  Analysts are optimistic that this initiative to spread 'consumer awareness' will go a long way to encourage more manufacturers into adopting the set standards for peripherals and accessories, which will unleash the full potential of the iPhone 4S's Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

Unleashing the Bluetooth 4.0 experience in the iPhone 4S

Bluetooth Smart, as promised allows devices to interact wirelessly using low-power standards and is designed to gather a specific type of information for iPhone 4S users. This includes smart watches, heart-rate monitors, blood-pressure cuffs, blood-glucose meters, weight-watch, window and door security sensors, key fobs for your car, etc In fact, you can say the opportunities are endless.





iPhone 4S is 'Bluetooth Smart Ready'