Sprint may not have the selection of premium devices available from Verizon, but they do have the iPhone 4S and the Motorola Photon 4G. If you are a Sprint customer and you are wondering what the difference is between these two $200 devices, you are in the right place. The Photon 4G has been out since summer 2011, so it's only a couple months older than iPhone 4S, and it has an eight megapixel camera, dual-core processor and 720p video capture. It also has a 4.3-inch qHD display with 960x540p resolution, 16 gigabytes of storage and mini HDMI port. Photon 4G should get the Android 4.0 update, but it could take a few months before it rolls out.

It's a solid device, and it's nearly as good as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S because it has good screen resolution, decent camera optics and pleasing form factor. But it's thicker and heavier than iPhone 4S and lacks Siri, the voice activated digital assistant that has gotten so much publicity. You should go to the Sprint store to play with both devices before you decide. You may like the way one of them feels or dislike the way one of the screens look. That's especially apt for the Photon because Motorola often adds its own software that some people seem to love and others seem to hate. It's in a reduced form on this device, and so it is not very intrusive, and the Sprint pre-loaded apps can mostly be uninstalled if you like.

Possibly the most unique feature on the Photon 4G is the kickstand it wears on the back. Kick it out and you've got a hands free chat or video watching session. It's also got a replaceable battery that iPhone 4S lacks. If you're a Sprint customer looking to upgrade, you could do worse than the Photon 4G. If you're upgrading from another Android device and you want the next generation, Photon 4G will do. If you're upgrading from a feature phone or are curious about the iPhone, you are in luck too. Tell us in the comments if you are thinking of leaving Sprint because they don't have the phone you want.