The utter craze and desperation of thousands of iPhone lovers on the street of America on October 14, 2011 when the iPhone 4S was released is fresh in our memory. It went on to create sales history as 4 million devices were sold off on the first weekend, which many considered to be a befitting tribute to Steve Jobs - the man whom everyone loved for bringing the world on their fingertips.

However, the scenario seems to be no different almost a month later as the iPhone 4S is set to debut in a few more countries on the unique day 11.11.11 in its third phase of release. News trickling in from the southern Chinese city of Hong Kong, where the iPhone 4S will be launched on Friday at 7:00 am (2300 GMT Thursday) has been witnessing unprecedented craze with thousands of fans and resellers queuing up outside Apple Stores - some even setting up tents since a week ago. Amazing! Isn't it?

This is in fact the case in almost all of the 15 countries including New Zealand where the iPhone 4S release has been even more spiced up with service providers like Telecom and Vodafone joining the party - offering their best value plans for Apple iPhone customers ahead of the Friday launch.

Vodafone & Telecom launches iPhone 4S Pricing plan for New Zealand

Vodafone, which has revealed its iPhone 4S contract pricing plan, is optimistic that customers will highly benefit from the competitive offering. Besides, offering reasonable call and messaging rates (considering Kiwi's penchant to stay hooked to their iPhones); Vodafone hopes to make a killing with a few freebies like no charge for calls to voicemail and an extra 1GB of data every month for six months for those availing Vodafone Smart Plan contract. Here are a few pointers at a glance:

- The 1GB free data space to be made available each month for six months can be bought as an add-on later (if required) for $20 a month.

- A punitive rate of 20 cents a megabyte or $200 a gigabyte will be charged for those who exceed their monthly data cap.

- You will not be allowed to transfer between Smart plans during your 24-month contract term.


The iPhone 4S will be available online and at selected Vodafone stores - Queen St, Auckland; Lambton Quay, Wellington; George St, Dunedin; and Riccarton Mall, Christchurch from 12.01 am on Friday, November 11. Also, it will be available in all Vodafone retail stores from Friday, 9.00am onwards.

Telecom has for the first time made an impressive entry into the iPhone market as an official carrier in New Zealand, by announcing their competitive pricing plans ahead of established player like Vodafone. Here are a few pointers at a glance:

- Telecom is also turning the heat on by adapting cutting edge plans like monopolizing Google's paid search for iPhone 4S

- It is offering a 'no contract' pricing, which leads to a 16GB iPhone 4S at $20 cheaper rate than Apple's online store ($1029 to the Apple Store's $1049).

- The 32GB and 64GB models are however, priced at par to Apple website at $1199 and $1349 respectively.


iPhone 4S will be also be available through Telecom concept stores - central Auckland (167 Victoria St West), central Wellington (42 Willis St), Christchurch (Moorhouse Ave) and Dunedin (101 George Street) from 12:01am this Friday. They will also be available nationwide from all other Telecom stores from Friday, 9:00am onwards.

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