Finally, the secret behind Apple iPhone 4S's path-breaking GPS system is out. It is the cutting edge GLONASS navigation system of Russian make, considered to be one of the finest navigation systems that run alongside GPS in its iPhone 4S models. This news is no secret, and anyone who minutely went through the iPhone 4S specification page on the Apple website can witness a mention of GLONASS in the GPS column.

However, the introduction of Russian technology into a high profile gadget such as the iPhone has been welcomed by Russian media and people alike. This revolutionary association of GLONASS with the iPhone 4S GPS system has been considered as the beginning of a powerful amalgamation of technological brilliance and company reports from GLONASS share that the iPhone GPS has become 50 percent more reliable with the Russian counterpart on board.

GLONASS - Facilitating Remote Penetration

GLONASS is the Russian alternative to GPS, however, in spite of being less precise than its rival, it depends on a different set of satellites, which besides facilitating deeper penetration could work in some cities where the US system is less effective.

This further clarifies that rather than just having 31 satellites for GPS to fix up a location, the iPhone can also get data from the 24 dedicated satellites for GLONASS. This collectively brings the number of satellites working on the iPhone GPS to 55, thus multiplying the chances of finding and zeroing on a precise location more accurately. This can be an added advantage for iPhone users considering the fact that until now users had to rely on the 'vague light-blue circle' surrounding several city blocks.

Experts opine that the GLONASS association with iPhone 4S GPS is more so like 'dual-core location'. Now, since the iPhone 4S wireless processor is a Qualcomm model, according to a revelation from IHS iSuppli. Since it works similarly to GPS, GLONASS support doesn't require recoding of GPS software, but it does require a different radio.

This new found recognition for GLONASS has inspired Apple and the users alike and analysts believe that this will definitely pave way for more Glonass-supported phones in the forthcoming months. By the way, have you witnessed the magic of Glonass in your iPhone 4S?


The original post was published on Simon Blog: iPhone 4S Supports Russian GLONASS