In a letdown to many tech enthusiasts, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook's introduction of the new iPhone 4S, was met with somewhat of a collective yawn as the Internet rumor mill simply got the iPhone 5 speculation wrong, and in turn, deflated the hopes of many potential consumers.

CNN even posted a Five Reasons People are Calling iPhone 4S a Dud article. None of the reasons had anything to do with functionality, which is statement about how a demanding segment of Apple fans simply can't be pleased.

Though there was no iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S has several key features that some may have overlooked as critics pointed out that iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S look basically the same.

Judging a smart phone by its cover is a flawed idea, as there are several additions to iPhone 4S that make it a very appealing consumer option aside from its aesthetics.

Perhaps the most prominent feature is Siri, a voice-recognition feature that allows users to control their phones by talking to them. While many were expecting iPhone 5 to have Assistant, which was rumored to be a very advanced feature using voice-recognition, users received Siri, instead.

Siri converts the spoken word into text so that users can talk into their phones to send text messages, a feature that many Web sites speculated would be applied to iPhone 5.

There is a big power boost, as the iPhone will have the A5 chip, which is also used in iPad 2, and which should be great for gamers. One charge to the iPhone 4S is expected to power 10 hours of video.

The iPhone 4S will be able to handle nine hours of Wi-Fi browsing, and eight hours of 3G talk time. The camera is better, too, as taking photos will operate considerably faster with an 8 megapixel sensor.

The phone costs from $200 for a model with 16 GB of storage space, to $400 for the 64 GB model. Based on the aforementioned additions, it might be a real bargain.

Whether you like the iPhone 4S from an aesthetic perspective is up to personal opinion, but is that a real reason to be turned off by the iPhone 4S?

The name 4S suggests it's an upgrade over iPhone 4, but it seems more than that.

When the iPhone 4S hits stores in less than two weeks, consumers will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Take a look at the iPhone 4S video:


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