iPhone 4S vs HTC Droid Incredible 2 is a good match up because on paper it seems like the iPhone is the obvious choice. For the same price as the Droid Incredible (there's a $50 online discount), iPhone 4S comes with more processing power, 1080p video capture and Siri the voice activated digital assistant. But the Droid Incredible 2 does pretty well with it's single core 1GHz processor and eight megapixel camera. The still images it produces are high quality even if it doesn't make as good of videos as the iPhone. Furthermore, the 4-inch screen is a half-inch bigger than iPhone's and the super LCD display is high quality with sharp contrast and excellent viewing angles.

Despite the fact it is on Verizon, it is not compatible with their high-speed LTE network. But, iPhone isn't 4G capable either, so it's a tie on that item.

Design wise, Droid Incredible 2 isn't as svelte as iPhone, but the all black case adds a handsome aluminum screen bezel that adds stability and feels great in the hand. It's actually one HTC best handsets. Hardware wise, it hangs right in there with iPhone 4S, but then you have to look at the hardware. Droid Incredible 2 came out in mid 2011 and originally shipped with Android 2.2, so it would need to be updated twice to get the soon to be released Android 4.0. That's not hard to do, but HTC has not announced whether or not there will even be an update made available for Droid Incredible 2. For Android fans, this is a tough call because you might not be able to get the update on a $150 device, and by the time a decision is made, that price could drop even further. Furthermore, Verizon has shamefully loaded the Droid Incredible 2 with way too many useless apps that just take up space in the app tray.

Based on the software and how close the prices are, iPhone 4S gets the recommendation. It's still a good idea to head down to the store and check out the devices for yourself. You might instantly like or dislike one or the other once you get your hands on it. Let us know in the comments if you've tried out either of these phones at the Verizon store.  

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