If Apple does release a new iPhone in the first half of 2012, it could have a larger screen and 4G speeds. Apple is pretty tight lipped about upcoming releases, but because iPhone 4S was so similar (physically) to iPhone 4, a new design with a larger screen seems inevitable. However, by the time the new iPhone does arrive, high speed networks like AT&T's LTE system will have spread to more cities. That means more people would be able to take advantage of high speed networks around the U.S. Additionally, Apple didn't include 4G on the iPhone 4S because of concerns over battery usage. Although, battery technology is not likely to advance very far in six months, iPhone 5 may debut with an improved battery if it does launch with 4G.

For this list, we took into account all four major U.S. carriers' coverage area and included MetroPCS 4G as well. Verizon has bay far the most coverage, followed by T-Mobile and then AT&T. Sprint's network is called 4G, but the speeds are nowhere near as fast as the other networks. But, at least it's unlimited. High speed networks average around 15 Mbps download speeds and about half that for upload speeds, generally speaking. Many factors can affect that rate, so think of it more as a guide. Start the slide show to see the 10 best cities for 4G access. Tell us in the comments if you live in one of these cities and if the 4G there lives up to its name.