The fact that Apple has yet to put out an official announcement for the rumored to-be-upcoming iPhone 5 didn't decrease the chance of receiving quite a warm welcoming. On the contrary, Apple's "sealed lips" policy have seemed to have a positive effect on the consumers, generating the "I want the next iPhone so badly" need.


Recent surveys reveal that the market seems set to receive the new model. They suggest that there are already throngs of users looking to jump at the opportunity to buy their very own mobile phone from Apple or just to upgrade the already "obsolete" one.

These surveys do not focus on the next-gen iPhone, but rather look at the market's opinion regarding the purchase of any of the existing ones as well. The results are astounding. Apparently, 46% of respondents are looking to buy a new iPhone in the next period.

If that is any indication of the current market trend, then Apple is on its way to major profit when the next generation iPhone does actually come out. Of course, the results of the surveys are of no major surprise, if we take into consideration some of the information floating around about Apple, whether they are well known facts or just rumors.

One very important aspect to consider is that when the iPhone 4 came out, Apple had major problems in dealing with the huge demand, so many would-be users decided to go for other devices or just postpone the purchase. But they still want an iPhone. So Apple should really take care of the shipments this time.

Also, we should take into consideration the fact that the new model is rumored to come out through not only AT&T and Verizon, but also T-Mobile and Sprint. That means good news for anyone currently subscribed to one of the new carriers who would like to go for an iPhone.

In conclusion, expectations are becoming quite high for Apple and it seems that most already take the arrival of the iPhone 5 as a given. Will we be in for a major disappointment in the autumn, or is the tech giantgoing to surprise everyone and take the market by storm, which is not unlike them?


The original post was published here: iPhone 5 Already Gaining Devotees, More Buyers Want an iPhone