It has hardly been a month since the iPhone 4S was released on October 14, 2011; however, iPhone enthusiasts who had been awaiting the iPhone 5 are squarely disappointed and just couldn't stop finding more about it. Be it the design or the technology to be used, the iPhone 5 has indeed been the apple of everyone's eyes and if earlier trends are to be believed, it's a sure-shot winner, which probably is waiting to be declared a 'sold-out' even before its launch. Extremely striking is also the enthusiasm, when it comes to the iPad3.

A few days earlier, there has been news about the iPhone 5 rumored to be have a 4-inch screen (i.e. 8mm longer than the current iPhone 4S); and the iPad is slated to be thicker by 0.7mm. If that wasn't enough, there is news that Apple will switch to IGZO LCD panels for future iPads and iPhones from SHARP that will make possible thinner, higher resolution, and lower power consuming devices.

Reliable sources at SHARP Corp reveals that Apple Inc. (also heard to have invested in facilities at Sharp's panel manufacturing factories in Japan) has engaged SHARP as the new supplier of screens to be used in the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. SHARP Corp is known to have a credible presence in making liquid crystal displays, which are the widely used screens in tablets as well as smartphones.

What to expect from Sharp IGZO LCD panels

First, it is important to know the technology involved so as to understand the value it will bring to the next upgraded versions of the iPhone and iPad. Sharp's IGZO - indium, gallium, zinc - LCD displays will allow the technology to reach a high pixel density of 330 dots per inch. This will conclude in bringing Retina-quality displays for larger screens as found on the iPad.

However, it is worth mentioning that the IGZO displays would not require dual-LED backlights, considered a necessity for IPS displays that Apple was rumored to be looking into earlier this month. The displays will also allow Apple to create thinner devices with lower power consumption. The best to happen to Apple devices on adapting to Sharp's IGZO technology is that it will lead to several design advantages:

- The device can be thinner
- Battery life should be longer
- The overall experience for users is anticipated to be significantly improved

Although, it is much anticipated that IGZO panels will make their debut in Apple iPad 3 expected to arrive in the spring of 2012, and later onto the iPhone 5; Sharp has been strongly promoting the IGZO technology as primarily for tablet terminals.

Do you think this amalgamation of Apple with SHARP will open doors for a new technological renaissance? Share your views.

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