Will fact be stranger than fiction? Apple has never released a new generation iPhone after summer. Apple released the first iPhone in June, iPhone 3G in July, iPhone 3GS in June and iPhone 4 in June.

Apple's Oct. 4 event, Let's talk iPhone, is expected to set the stage for the release a new iPhone - iPhone 5 or a cheaper iPhone 4S. Some Apple watchers even expect that Apple would release both of them.

Steve Jobs is expected to attend this iPhone event along with the new CEO Tim Cook, according to Reuters. This event might mark the real beginning of Tim's time and the end of Job's era.

We do not know whether Apple will release an iPhone on Oct. 4 yet. The possibility of releasing an iPhone, regardless of iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, is very small, because Apple just said Let's talk iPhone. Probably, the company will just talk some of the new iPhone's features, and speak more about iOS 5.

And as the time near, rumors are ramping up.

The potential new features of the next generation iPhone, such as 4G LTE, Near Field Communication (NFC), Advanced Voice Recognition technology and Removable Storage and Battery, have been the bone of the contention. Some say these features might not be put in the new product while others say they would.

Though it's not safe to bet on rumors, for a brief moment, let's all caution to the winds and let's take a look at the most exciting features that we would like iPhone 5 to boast of. Click Start to begin the journey of iPhone 5's top 10 (most wished) killer features.