Apple fans are flooding the Internet once again with information about the upcoming iPhone 5 after all the craze regarding the new iPad concluded when Apple announced it earlier this month. The iPhone 5 is one of the most-anticipated devices that have been making rounds on the Internet for quite some time now.

Before the release of the iPhone 4S, it was believed that Apple would actually launch the iPhone 5, but the fans were treated to iPhone 4S. However, now the fans are again expecting the iPhone 5 with new upgrades and design, and the Internet is flooded with new rumored specs for the device nearly every day.

Let’s see what we know until now.

Operating System: The next generation iPhone is heavily rumored to arrive with iOS 6. Although Apple has released the new iOS 5.1 along with the new iPad, it is widely expected that the new smartphone will bring the next version of iOS along with it as the company always had the tradition of launching a software upgrade whenever a new device was announced. Although Apple has left out Siri from the new iPad, it doesn’t mean that they will do the same when the new iPhone comes out. A version 2.0 of Siri is expected to arrive with the device that will have access to more languages.

Processor: When Apple released the new iPad, it bought the upgraded A5X chip along with it and it is believed that Apple will not use the same chip for the new iPhone. Although an A6 chip was heavily rumored to arrive with the iPad this year, that never happened and the Apple fans had to settle with an A5X chip. However, tech enthusiasts are pretty sure that the coveted A6 chip will arrive with the iPhone 5, and will also sport a quad-core processor.

A Whole New Design: Apple is known to give a new design to its iPhone build and the new iPhone 5 is expected to arrive with a fairly new design compared to its predecessors. Although the first iPhone had a very plain design, the iPhone 3G and 3GS had a somewhat different but identical design. The same was the issue with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Now it is widely believed that the new iPhone will arrive with Corning Gorilla Glass that will raise the cost of production, and if that happens, we can expect the iPhone 5 to be priced more than the current iPhone 4S.

4G: As Apple has provided the 4G LTE technology in its new iPad, it is also expected that the new iPhone will also arrive with a 4G connectivity option.

Release Date: All reports doing the rounds on the Internet have indicated that in all probability, the new iPhone 5 will arrive this summer, more precisely, in June. If this happens, it will be very consistent with Apple’s behavior regarding the previous iPhones. Other sources have claimed a possible September release for the device.