iPhone 5 Rumors RoundUp: Lytro Camera, NFC, Physical Camera Button, Launch Date and More (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

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NFC Chip
Visa has confirmed that it is in discussions with Apple to include NFC technology in the next version of the iPhone, but it may still be months away before the technology is incorporated in the new iPhone, Power Retail reported, citing the Global Head of Mobile Product Bill Gadja. "I can't tell you when Apple is going to put NFC in the next version of the iPhone," Gadja told business magazine Fast Company, "but we've had discussions with them around the PayWave standard and they've asked to look at our specification and certification process so that when they do decide to do something those lines of communication are open." Reuters

The rumors about Apple next generation handset - dubbed iPhone 5 - are incessantly surfacing and will continue to do so until the Apple smartphone actually shows up. The latest rumors claim iPhone 5 will boast of Lytro camera, NFC, a physical camera button, etc. The launch date has been reportedly set for Summer.

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