The probable launch of iPhone 5 on Septemeber 12 may add six to 10 million iPhones to Apple's Q4, Gene Munster, Analyst, Piper Jaffray, stated.

The Cupertino technology giant is likely to unveil its much-awaited sixth generation smartphone, iPhone 5 at an event organized on September 12, and the shipping may commence by September 21, Fortune reported.

If both these events occur as rumored, the Apple's fourth quarter earnings could get a boost of as much as 12%, DailyFinance noted.

The probable launch will save Apple from disappointing results in the fourth quarter of 2012 as all iPhone sales made until September 29 will count toward Apple's Q4 revenue, Macworld pointed out.

In a note to clients, Munster reportedly stated: "We believe that a September launch could result in the final 10 days of the month generating 6-10 million iPhone 5 unit sales, which would likely shift out of December."

"We believe if iPhone 5 launches in September, Apple could sell 26-28 million units in the quarter (this takes into account iPhone sales slowing dramatically from September 12-20, which is announcement to availability)," Munster stated, adding: "This would imply 8 per cent upside to the Street's current $35 billion revenue and 12 per cent upside to EPS of $8.46."

Munster believes that Apple may sell 27.19 million iPhones in Q4, against The Street's estimation of 23 million. However, Munster goes on to add that he may provide a conservative estimate for iPhone sales in December quarter (Q1 fiscal year 2013).

"While predicting the timing of the iPhone release is topical for investors, we continue to believe that whether iPhone 5 launches in  September or December quarter is largely irrelevant to the overall story, which we believe is that the new phone will be the largest consumer electronics product upgrade in history," Munster stated.

It is also rumored that Apple may launch iPad mini and an update to iPod touch at the September event.