Almost a week has passed ever since Apple unveiled its third generation iPad and the the buzz has already shifted to the next generation iPhone - dubbed iPhone 5 or new iPhone - which is expected to be launched sometime in September/October.

Even as Apple continues to remain tight-lipped over what the new iPhone will look like or feature, many concept designs have gone viral on the Internet.

Although none of the designs follow the style of the tech giant, no one can deny the designs are very striking and impressive. Not surprisingly, some excited Apple fans can't help but wonder whether the California-based company would adopt one of them into the production. Of course, Apple would have to pay for the design. But if the customers really like it, why not? After all, the company is sitting on a pile of cash.

According to recent rumors, the new iPhone will boast of A6 chip, better camera, better battery, 4G LTE and NFC. Some claim iOS 6 might also be released together with the new iPhone.

The camps are divided, however, over whether the next iPhone will debut at Worldwide Developers Conference in June this year or whether it will debut in Fall. Only Apple knows the truth.

Meanwhile, check out the concept designs in the slideshow. And, don't forget to tell us which is your favorite concept design.