IPhone 5 Upgrade Kit: Make Your IPhone 5 Look Like An IPhone 5S

By @TreyeGreen t.green@ibtimes.com on
Apple iPhone
Fights broke out at an Apple Store in Pasadena, Calif., on the day the company launched its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. But now you can make your iPhone 5 look like the highly sought iPhone 5S with a -- cosmetic -- upgrade kit. Reuters

For all you Apple iPhone 5 owners fuming over the fact that your devices are officially old news now, you can turn that iPhone 5S-induced frown upside down, thanks to a pretty clever solution.

Online retailer MobileFun.com is offering an iPhone 5S Upgrade Kit that will give your phone a simple, trendy facelift. The $19.49 kit is only a cosmetic change. But with the available colors of gold, silver and space gray, you can effectively blend in with the rapidly growing number of iPhone 5S owners.


So if you want the look of Apple’s newest hit product without the expense -- and hassle -- of purchasing a completely new phone, then you may want to take your ordinary iPhone 5 and make it extraordinary with this kit. And with the gold-colored iPhone 5S still selling for ridiculous amounts on eBay, a $20 sticker price might be the most practical way to obtain the most elusive of the iPhone 5S shades.

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