The iPhone and MacBook Air are perhaps two of Apple's most bestselling products. So, why hasn't Apple thought of a product that would offer the best of both worlds - the ultra slim, sleek design of MacBook Air and the gorgeous user interface of the iPhone? 'iPhone Air' would probably the most apt name for such a device. Though it is believed that Apple will begin shipping iPhone 5 in September, nobody knows what it would look like? Who knows the iPhone 5 might turn out to be modeled on the "iPhone Air" concept.


First things first, iPhone Air is purely a mockup concept created by Italian studio Ciccarese Design. These folks certainly let their imagination run wild and came up with mockups of the iPhone Air available in both black and white. In the past, several reports (such as the one from have indicated that the iPhone 5 would feature an edge-to-edge display as well as boasting a tapered, teardrop outer body design.

It's widely believed that Apple will launch two totally distinct iPhones in September. One of them would be a low-cost variant modeled on the iPodTouch design. This device would be slimmer than the iPhone 4. Interestingly, the iPhone Air mockups demonstrate the same concept - a device thinner than the iPhone 4 and providing an edge-to-edge display. I, for one, am mighty impressed with the iPhone Air concept and I won't be disappointed if the iPhone 5 is modeled along these lines.


In the past, Apple has done a terrific job of slimming down its products including the iPhone, iPad and Macbook. Therefore, a slimmer iPhone would be a norm rather than an exception in Apple's future arsenal of products.

Of course, these are mere speculations and the iPhone 5 remains Apple's best kept secret till date. The iPhone 4 leak saga brought a lot of bad press for the Cupertino giant, therefore it's understandable that Apple is trying to keep the iPhone 5 under wraps.

What do you think of iPhone Air? Do you think the iPhone 5 would look similar to the iPhone Air concept? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.


The original post was published here: iPhone Air Mockup: Could this be the iPhone 5?