A recent Nielsen report comparing smartphones growth with feature phones, suggests that iphones have seen more growth than Android phones in the recent months.

With the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 in February, Apple’s iPhone growth rate has jumped from 10 percent to 17 percent from February to May.

Android’s growth rate remained at 27 percent in this period.


nielsen.com: iPhone sales rising, Android falls flat

While Android still rules over the smartphone market with a 38 percent compared to 27 percent of iPhones, it’s facing a growing competition with iPhones expansion in carriers.

Android already lacked behind in terms of the huge bunch of apps provided by Apple in iPhones.

However, the two smartphone cats are going to get all the attention in the coming years along with other smartphones as the feature phones market is falling flat.

Now smartphones constituted over 34 percent of handheld device purchases.