Iran identified more than prospective 1,200 gold-beating sites, according to a senior mining official in the country. Local media reported the sites included one in the Darreh Bidan of Yazd that had recently been discovered.

Behrouz Borna, the deputy head of the Geology and Mineral Discoveries Organization, said that authorities had marked 10 provinces as possible gold-bearing zones after tracing a total of 21 prospective provinces around the country. Borna said that Iran was expected to get a major boost from the Zarshuran mine in the northwestern city of Takab.

Zarshuran is considered the biggest gold deposit in the Middle East. The ongoing expansion of the processing facility will be complete by 2017. It will produce 6 metric tons of gold every year after that.

“The Geology and Mineral Discoveries Organization has discovered several gold zones and found reserves in the provinces which were never considered to have such deposits,” Press TV quoted Borna, “Iran is among the world's five biggest gold consumers, which provides added motivation to discover more gold.”

Yazd, however, is not on the news only for its gold prospects. Iranian authorities hanged at least seven prisoners in Rafsanjan and Yazd Tuesday. Iran has executed at least 64 prisoners, including two women, in the last couple of weeks. NCRI reported that the executions had been performed in public squares in some cases.

Iranian authorities from in a prison in Mashhad amputated the foot and the hand of prisoner Mehdi R while other prisoners were forced to watch the process. The day before, another prisoner named Rahman K suffered similar punishments as his left foot and right hand were amputated.