Iran on Wednesday, executed a woman convicted of murdering the wife of a former football star. Shahla Jahed who was believed to be the mistress of Naser Mohammadkhani, a football legend, was hanged to death at the Evin prison in North Western Tehran.

Few minutes ago, Shahla Jahed was hanged in the courtyard of Tehran's Evin prison after 3063 days of imprisonment, The Iranian Fars news agency reported.

The woman is believed to have contracted a temporary marriage with Mohammad-Khani and in was 2002 that Shahla was found guilty of stabbing the footballer permanent wife Laleh Saharkhizan, to death. The footballer was reportedly in Germany during the incident.

Local media reports suggest that the family members of Saharkhizan were present at the prison during the execution. The case drew media attention Iran held her trial in public. A documentary following the case titled Red Card was produced in 2005, but was later banned from the country. 

Rights group, Amnesty International, on Tuesday called on the Iranian authorities to immediately halt the execution. Activists protesting the death sentence complained that the woman had not received a fair trial. Figures from the Amnesty International suggest that Iran executed 388 people in the past one year.