The Irish government will provide a final list of assets on Wednesday that are to be hived off to pay down debt.

State assets worth between 2-3 billion euros will go on the block, including the retail division of gas supply company Bord Gais, according to a report in the Irish Independent.

The Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin will give details of the state assets to be sold, and how much is expected to be raised from the sales, at 1030 GMT on Wednesday.

The sale of the state's most valuable asset, the Irish Electricity Supply Board (ESB), is off the table according to the Independent, after the Cabinet approved the plans on Tuesday evening.

But state broadcaster RTE said the government had agreed to sell off the power generation sections of ESB and Bord Gais, while the strategically-important networks will be retained.

The government has said previously it is looking to raise 2 billion euros to plug its deficit, but has indicated it may exceed that after winning approval to use some of the proceeds to invest in the economy as well as pay down debt.

The International Monetary Fund, one of Ireland's three international lenders, urged it to increase the figure to 5 billion euros last year.

A review commissioned by Ireland's previous government said stakes in Aer Lingus and parts of energy utilities ESB and Bord Gais should be sold, when published last year.

It recommended that parts of former monopoly energy provider ESB, including its energy supply business, electricity distribution business, generation assets and overseas interests should be sold as a single entity.

The review said it would not, however, recommend that the core transmission assets in ESB or Bord Gais be sold off.

(Reporting by Lorraine Turner; Editing by Jane Merriman and Jodie Ginsberg)