One company that has been stirring up a storm in the desert is the Arizona based Ironwood Gold Corporation. A noted mineral exploration and development company, Ironwood Gold is building a unique portfolio of prospective properties containing known deposits of strategic precious metals in mine-friendly North America.

Today, Ironwood Gold took a major step towards enhancing their future with the acquisition of mineral rights at Cobalt Canyon Gold Project in Nevada which contain 32 additional Federal Iode mining claims. With the additional 32 claims covering 274 acres, the project, which was originally believed to cover a total of 422 acres, now encompasses an incredible grand total of 696 acres in the Chief or Caliente mining district of southeastern Nevada, about 115 miles northeast of Las Vegas and 5 miles north of the town of Caliente.

Project data on the Cobalt Canyon Gold Project has indicated there is the potential for 1.5 million ounces of gold with possibly a higher number which may be obtainable. An authored N.I. 43-101 compliant report strongly recommends plans which could lead to the development of a viable underground mine and the possibility that this property may also hold tonnages and grades that could support an open-pit mine. If these projections come to fruition, the project could help Ironwood Gold become a leader in their industry.

One of the leaders at Ironwood Gold is their President Robert Reukl. Reukl has been employed as a geologist in the mineral exploration and mining business for over 25 years and had a very successful career and became a noted leader in his industry prior to coming to Ironwood. When asked about the potential of the Cobalt Canyon Gold Project, Reukl was quoted as saying, “These additional claims cover the ground from which surface rock samples indicate a high probability of mineralization at depth. If the mineralization is present, this larger claim block increases the possibility of open pit mining in addition to underground ore extraction, and provides room for recovery facilities and waste disposal management.”

Currently, Ironwood Gold is trading in the $0.81 range and may grow into the over-the-counter gem that every investor dreams of capturing before the institutional members on Wall Street take hold.