posts nude pictures of people along with their names and links to their Facebook, MySpace or Twitter page so that you identify the person easily.

Many of these pictures are posted by angry ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to take revenge exposing their exes posed naked or mid-sex pictures without the knowledge of the person.

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Hunter Moore, 25, the site founder who is largely criticized of supporting defamation of character, slander, pedophilia and underage pornography says, “People get popular really quickly once their photos are up there.”

While posting the picture on the site, the submission form asks for the person’s name and link to their profile pages in Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, in order to display the screenshots of their profile pages.

Moore identifies those, who are submitting the photos by their IP information and he uploads the photos to an outside server as well.

Moor acknowledges the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, that helps him be a part of the system and allows him to post nude pictures against their will.

The Act protects the site owners from the legal liability for anything posted by their users.

IsAnyoneUp gets up to 60,000 unique visitors a month according to the data of and generates up to $8,000 in advertising revenue per month.

Moore, who was a hair stylist earlier, is now capitalizing on posting naked photos which he thinks will soon be socially acceptable.

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