General Environmental Management Inc. is a fully integrated environmental and waste services company that provides on-site technical services, off-site treatment services, remediation services, and regulatory compliance services. The company offers their suite of services to a wide variety of sectors including government entities, educational institutions and commercial and industrial clients.

General Environmental completed the acquisition of Island Environmental Service Inc., a company which generated $7.7 million in revenue for 2007, in September 2008. Island Environmental is a California-based environmental transporter, which now supports General Environmental’s continued growth throughout the western United States.

The two companies share a common sense approach to customer service and many years of combined experience in the industry. With the addition of Island Environmental, General Environmental has broadened their service capabilities even further which helps them expand their customer base. These added capabilities include Island Environmental’s core competencies in logistics, bulk movement of waste, and storm water management services.

Chairman and CEO of General Environmental, Tim Koziol, emphasized the importance of the acquisition and stated “The company’s acquisition of Island Environmental Services was a key acquisition for the company, providing assets and an entry into certain customer bases that we had previously not serviced. We have successfully acquired, integrated and driven organic growth with all of our acquisitions and expect to the same with Island Environmental Services.”

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